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Bull Penis from Creston Valley Meats

These are grass fed and raw – no processing, drying or smoking.

I opened up the box and found this:

IMG_0470A box of bull penis (is the correct plural term “peni”?!), no packaging.

I thawed them out and the next day separated them – oh the joys of feeding raw.  The texture was slippery but they were not nearly as pungent as the ostrich wings!

Just like in humans, there are various sizes!  These are not simply penis but dominated by LOTS of fat.

If you have people in the house that are sensitive to feeding penis try telling them it’s a femur tendon – worked for me!

One box was was just over 12 pounds and there were 5 and the other box was about 16 pounds but only 4 in there.

Since I never fed these before I chose the only small one for the first time (oh the possible jokes…); here are photos of both sides:

IMG_0471IMG_0472This was just over two pounds.  Yoda ate about 1/2 the first night – all fat.

Surprisingly the “end result” was not messy.

The next feeding it was still a bit frozen (I usually defrost to room temperature) and I think it made this easier to eat the actual “organ”.  Again, no “end result” issues.

I would not consider this too complicated but not as easy as the cheek meat.

Another interesting item from Creston Valley Meats!